Excellent Documentary about Adoption

If you've ever wondered what it's REALLY like to ADOPT TEENAGERS from another country...

please WATCH THIS documentary. 

It's a very accurate depiction of ALL angles of international adoption.

So many complex feelings... so much gained and so much lost... it's really SO MUCH more than can be put into words.

If you are an adoptive family, you'll likely relate in a major way like we did.

If you're NOT an adoptive family, it will give you new understanding and compassion for those who have and are adopted.

[Also it's about a friend of our daughters and takes place in the same orphanage that our 2 oldest girls are from.
In fact we met this girl during our visit to Ethiopia.]


CLICK HERE to be taken to the PBS video.

if you’re a tired mom - READ THIS!

"We know it’s true that they grow up too fast. kids

But feeling like I have to enjoy every moment doesn’t feel like a gift,

it feels like ONE MORE THING that is impossible to do,

and right now, that list is way too long.

Not every moment is enjoyable as a parent;

it wasn’t for you, and it isn’t for me.

You just have obviously forgotten.

I can forgive you for that.

But if you tell me to enjoy every moment one more time, I will need to break up with you.”

--- CLICK HERE to read the rest of this AWESOME post written by The Actual Pastor…

A friend posted this today and I suddenly realized how GUILTY I often feel that I’m NOT always “enjoying every moment.”

I am working very hard at keeping my eyes open for the blessings…

but also trying to remember that there’s no shame in the days when we just can’t quite see them.

Spiders and Spills

Went out on the porch for some quality time with God. Devotional in hand - ready to learn me somethin!
First thing I see is my arch nemesesa spider… right where I sit on the porch swing.
I handle it… settle into my spot, open my book and reach for my ice water… and accidentally knock it all over the floor.
- I didn’t get a picture so here’s a reenactment:
My immediate reaction…
Geesh, God.
I came out here to LEARN something from You. Couldn’t you have prevented the spider/water incidents so that I could LEARN uninterrupted?? Seems simple enough for the Almighty…… no?
Okay, God. I’ll give it a go. Let’s flip this thing and TRY to see it differently.
Spiders and spills are a part of life. That’s why they call it LIFE and not HEAVEN.
Isn’t it kinda great that I got the spider on my first try (instead of it slipping away from me and then spending the rest of its life secretly lying in wait, plotting my demise) distracting me the whole rest of the time I sat on the porch?
And how freakin’ blessed am I that a practically endless supply of FRESH, CLEAN water is available to me just a few steps away in the kitchen?
The majority of the world does not have easy access to pure, life saving water.
And what about the blessing that the spider wasn’t poisonous… or it didn’t crawl ON me… the glass didn’t break when it fell… or, even if it had, we have a cupboard full of more glasses!
Or what about having eye sight to SEE the spider and hands to SPILL the water!!
Funny… I was so busy being annoyed by the interruptions in my effort to LEARN something that I almost missed the LESSON in the interruptions!


We keep waking up to find GRAFFITI on our mailbox.

We wash it off but it just keeps coming back.

(persistant little hoodlums)

So today the kids and I decided that if you can't beat 'em... JOIN 'EM!

Honestly (being the realist that I am)  I'm half expecting to see the little rug rats write OVER our artwork...
but hoping they don't.

They've been using what looks like a black Sharpie.

Any ideas if this doesn't work?